Syed A. Rizvi

PhD student at Yale University.


Yale University

New Haven, CT

I am a first-year PhD student in Computer Science at Yale University, advised by Prof. David van Dijk. I am also currently working as a Student Researcher at Google for Summer 2024 under the supervision of Dr. Bryan Perozzi. I work on building and applying Graph Neural Networks, Large Language Models, and Foundational models to large-scale biological data.

Before joining Yale, I had the privilege of working as an undergraduate research student at the University of Houston, Rice University, and Houston Methodist. I received my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Houston in 2022.

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May 02, 2024 Our paper Cell2Sentence: Teaching Large Language Models the Language of Biology has been accepted at ICML 2024. Congratulations to all of the co-authors! See the blog post here.
Jan 17, 2024 Our paper BrainLM: A Foundational Model for Brain Activity Recordings has been accepted at ICLR 2024. Congratulations to all of the co-authors!

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  1. BrainLM_ICLR_Thumbnail.png
    BrainLM: A foundation model for brain activity recordings
    Josue Ortega Caro, Antonio Henrique Oliveira Fonseca, Syed A Rizvi, and 8 more authors
    In ICLR 2024 , 2024
  2. Cell2Sentence_Overview.png
    Cell2sentence: Teaching large language models the language of biology
    Daniel Levine, Sacha Lévy, Syed Asad Rizvi, and 8 more authors
    ICML 2024, 2024